Player Registration

Once you have obtained a Dash Account you are ready to register for all of the activities that Soccer Planet has to offer.

  1. Click here to Log into Dash. You will be directed to your profile account.
  2. On the left hand side of the screen click Register.
  3. Please select the type of program that you are registering for.


Classes, Camps and ClinicsClasses and individual registration.

Join a teamIf you’ve been invited to join a team or are looking for a team to play on but don’t have enough players to fill an entire roster, click here!

Register your teamCreate your team and invite your teammates. You can also import a past team into this upcoming season, bringing forward the roster and team information.


  1. Please select the person you would like to register by clicking the person’s name.
  2. Choose the divisions you want to register for. (It will only show you the division the person is eligible for)
  3. Click on Register again and, if you would like, you may register another person in that family profile, or click the Checkout button.
  4. Enter your credit card information (no spaces) and click Process Payment.
  5. You are now registered.

Contact Soccer Planet if you have any questions or run into any problems.

Phone: (217) 367-9999

Don't Have a Team: Free Agency

Do you want to play in a league but don't know anyone in the area or can't make your own team? Sign up as a Free Agent! You are able to pay when a team placement is found for you.

1. Search our leagues to find the best fit for you.

2. Place your name on one of the Free Agent lists below. (Note: This does not guarantee you a spot in a league or session. However, Free Agents are placed on under-rostered teams or "House Teams" are created in sessions.

3. No payment is required at the time of interest. Once placement for you is found, then we will complete the necessary payments.

4. Ensure you have created a MYDASH account to speed up the registration process once it is time to place you on a team.